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Thumbtraps are made of a special durable vinyl and come in sets of 9 with 6 unique shapes. You can try different combinations and choose which pair works the best for your unique combat style.


2 Jaws-Traps
2 Snap-Traps
2 Chest-Burst-Traps
1 X-Trap
1 Blockade-Trap
1 Octo-Trap

* 1 Thumbtrap Deck

* 1 Thumbtrap Storage Sleeve

* 1 Instructions Card

* The power to vanquish your adversaries without mercy.

57 Combinations


* TRANSPARENT and won't interfere with game visuals.

* STICK without the use of glue or adhesive. They are 100% safe for use on iPad screens.

* NO METAL to risk scratching the screen.

* NO MOVING PARTS, so there is absolutely no chance of unseen sand or grit getting lodged under a moving contact head and scratching your screen.

* ONLY PRODUCT of it's kind that doesn't interfere with iPad normal operation while attached. You can work in other applications like they aren't even there. You can swipe over them, and tap or type right through them.

* UNLIKE BULKY JOYSTICKS Thumbtraps are flat and blends into the simplicity of the iPads design.

* MOST PORTABLE of it's type. They fit perfectly under cases and covers. You can just close and go.

Only $2.99 USD