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1. Launch your favorite shooter game on your iPad.
2. Open your Thumbtrap kit.
3. Remove your favorite Thumbtrap from the Deck.
4. Carefully center the Thumbtrap over an onscreen control button or "V-Stick."
5. Press the Thumbtrap firmly into place.
6. Play the game.
7. Kick ass!


Thumbtraps offer maximum portability, especially for people living a fast paced lifestyle. You don't even need to remove them. They can stay attached to your screen when you're not playing a game. The iPad will still pick up all your touch-screen contact through the Thumbtraps. You can swipe and type right over them.

If you choose, you can peel your Thumbtraps from the iPad screen and return your traps to the sleek Thumbtrap-Deck, which can easily slip between your iPad and its case.


Over time your Thumbtraps may become coated with dust, Thumb-crud, finger grime or battle carnage.To keep your Thumbtraps clinging like new - occasionally wipe the pieces with a damp cloth.

Thumbtraps are perfect for travelers and commuters.


"I tried using Thumbtraps on a tablet and they don't stick."
It's likely that the screen you are trying to cling to has non-glare screen protector. I'm positive Thumbtraps cling to any smooth screen.

"I wake up late for work often and sometimes call in sick because I'm too exhausted from playing games on my iPad all night."
You may be addicted. Seek therapy from an addiction recovery specialist.

"My nose bleeds when I play iPad games."
I have no idea what that is. Maybe a bug is in there. Seek medial attention immediately.